Vittorino Carra Solidarietà – ONLUS is a non-profit association inspired by Christian values and the principles of solidarity, and aims at spreading the principles of solidarity and cooperation.

The actions proposed to accomplish the aims above are:

- Making and supporting self-developing projects along with the local communities of poor countries around the world,
- Providing foreign disadvantaged communities with humanitarian aid,
- Finding the necessary economic and financial means for the realization of the programs and for fulfilling the organization’s objectives.


Caricamento in corso...
Manaoag Hospital keep growing

The St. Camillus Maternity Center and Polyclinic - Vittorino Carra Building, built in Manaoag (Philippines) thanks to the support of many generous people and opened last year, keeps growing.


We had many startup probòems, and we face many issues every day, but we can summarize a very positive first year of operations.
With the significant contribution of "Provincia di Modena" we have been able to purchase an ultrasound inspection equipment, which is one of the most important pre-birth analysis equipment for a pediatric doctor.


Furthermore, we got a wonderful present from Rotary of Modena: the long dreamed ambulance to transport emergency sick people to other hospitals and to collect people with mobility problems. The consignment ceremony took place of Feb 15.


All hospital personnel attended the ceremony, with great enthusiasm for the new present from Rotary Club of Modena. Father Luigi underlined that the present from Rotary has been made possible thanks to the relationship with the Vittorino Carra Solidarietà - ONLUS association, and as usual he spent very nice words in regards to our charity organization. The ceremony has been attended by the City Major, many doctors, the nurse school students, hospital guests, friends and a journalist that wrote a nice article in the local press.


The very same evening of the ceremony, the ambulance did its first service, taking one of our doctors and nurses to give assistance to poor sick person starving in the Slums. Hospital personnel felt very proud to be better equipped in their charity mission.

As the hospital is not yet financially self-sufficient, most of the donations that are association is collecting in this period of time will be devoted to sustain the ramp up of the hospital.

The hospital is now an integrated part of the local community, in the above picture you can see the first baby girl born in the hospital, surrounded by our personnel. Prima_neonata

A medical staff of four, in addition to two part-time ostetricians, two pediatricians, one ortpedic, one radiologic, one pathologist and one surgeon, guarantee medical assistance to the pupulation in the area.

the paramedic staff is made up by three nurses, two lab technicians and one radiology technician. We have many voluntary nurses that queue up to help, as we have our Nursery School few meters from the hospital!

Hospital Managemt has moved from the two Agostinian Nuns to Madame Aurora Cayari. She keep us continuously updated about the situation and the continuous improvements that they are achieving. Hospitalized people grow, and Madame Aurora has started to visit the barrios around the hospital and to contat the village leaders.



Over the next period of time our plan is:

  1. Consolidation of the hospital services and promotion in the neighbor villages.
  2. Medical Missions with the new ambulance in the villages surrounding the hospital to reach sick and eldery people that cannot reach the hospital.
  3. Finalize all authorizations to be able to utilize our hospital to its full capability.
  4. Financial support to the hospital until it will be self-sufficient, that has a secondary benefit for the employment of the local medical and paramedical staff.

We will continue to collect funding during 2012 to make the hospital even more effective. We need your help!


100% Effectiveness

The funds collected are ALL used for works made by the Association. Vittorino Carra Solidarietà is organized so as not to produce any kind of management costs.

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Your Names

(To all benefactors)

We had written
your names
on the walls of our house.
But the coming rain
and the passing time
erased them.

And then,
we wrote them
on flower petals,
but the sun made them fade
and the evening wind
took them far away.

And so then,
we wrote them
in our hearts...
And neither the sun,
nor the wind,
nor the passing time
will ever erase them