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00_Quarta_di_copertinaVittorino Carra was born in Carpi on January 24, 1927. Later on, he married Wanda Pirazzoli, with whom he had five children: Roberto, Romana, Daniela, Riccardo, and Davide.

Along his career, he held several positions:

  • Deputy in Parliament during the III, IV, and V legislature (1958-1972);
  • Member of Presidency during the V legislature;
  • Directed the INAM centers (National Institute for Assistance of the Disease) of Modena, Bologna, and Milan;
  • High Commissioner in ENPAS (National Board for Welfare and Assistance of Public Employees) in 1981 and 1983-1987;
  • High Commissioner in the Italian Red Cross in 1987;
  • Member of the Health Council in 1987.

In 1985, he went on a trip during which he visited the main missions of the Camillian Fathers in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. Deeply moved by the dramatic social and sanitary situation in which the missionaries worked, and driven by his innate sense of Christian solidarity towards the needed, he made a constant commitment to the missions.

After his unexpected death on March 28th, 1989, his wife Wanda, his children, and his friends, decided to continue the path he had tread, in honor of the man who had cared whole-heartedly for the needed. This spontaneous gathering, united by the principles of solidarity and cooperation towards the weak, became a foundation registered in Manila in 1990 as “Vittorino Carra Foundation, Inc.”, and afterwards an association registered in Italy as “Vittorino Carra Solidarieta - ONLUS” in 2002.


100% Effectiveness

The funds collected are ALL used for works made by the Association. Vittorino Carra Solidarietà is organized so as not to produce any kind of management costs.

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Your Names

(To all benefactors)

We had written
your names
on the walls of our house.
But the coming rain
and the passing time
erased them.

And then,
we wrote them
on flower petals,
but the sun made them fade
and the evening wind
took them far away.

And so then,
we wrote them
in our hearts...
And neither the sun,
nor the wind,
nor the passing time
will ever erase them