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All funds collected are destined to finance projects decided along with the Camillian Missionaries, that work in regions such as the Philippines, Thailand, Burkina Faso, etc. None of the funds collected is used for administrative, organizational, management, or promotional expenditures, and every person that collaborates with the association does so for free. The management effectiveness, that is to say the percentage of funds collected that are assigned for social purposes, is thus 100%.

The deposits can be made on c/c 25524, out to Vittorino Carra Solidarietà, through Banco Geminiano e San Prospero – Popolare di Verona S.p.A, Carpi branch (ABI 5188, CAB 23300, CIN B)

To donate through “5 per mille”.

If you contribute from outside Italy, the account coordinates are:

Account number: 040400025524

IBAN: IT77 B 05188 23300000000025524

BBAN: B 05188 23300000000025524


Support Us



Your Names

(To all benefactors)

We had written
your names
on the walls of our house.
But the coming rain
and the passing time
erased them.

And then,
we wrote them
on flower petals,
but the sun made them fade
and the evening wind
took them far away.

And so then,
we wrote them
in our hearts...
And neither the sun,
nor the wind,
nor the passing time
will ever erase them