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Manaoag Hospital keep growing

The St. Camillus Maternity Center and Polyclinic - Vittorino Carra Building, built in Manaoag (Philippines) thanks to the support of many generous people and opened last year, keeps growing.


We had many startup probòems, and we face many issues every day, but we can summarize a very positive first year of operations.
With the significant contribution of "Provincia di Modena" we have been able to purchase an ultrasound inspection equipment, which is one of the most important pre-birth analysis equipment for a pediatric doctor.


Furthermore, we got a wonderful present from Rotary of Modena: the long dreamed ambulance to transport emergency sick people to other hospitals and to collect people with mobility problems. The consignment ceremony took place of Feb 15.


All hospital personnel attended the ceremony, with great enthusiasm for the new present from Rotary Club of Modena. Father Luigi underlined that the present from Rotary has been made possible thanks to the relationship with the Vittorino Carra Solidarietà - ONLUS association, and as usual he spent very nice words in regards to our charity organization. The ceremony has been attended by the City Major, many doctors, the nurse school students, hospital guests, friends and a journalist that wrote a nice article in the local press.


The very same evening of the ceremony, the ambulance did its first service, taking one of our doctors and nurses to give assistance to poor sick person starving in the Slums. Hospital personnel felt very proud to be better equipped in their charity mission.

As the hospital is not yet financially self-sufficient, most of the donations that are association is collecting in this period of time will be devoted to sustain the ramp up of the hospital.

The hospital is now an integrated part of the local community, in the above picture you can see the first baby girl born in the hospital, surrounded by our personnel. Prima_neonata

A medical staff of four, in addition to two part-time ostetricians, two pediatricians, one ortpedic, one radiologic, one pathologist and one surgeon, guarantee medical assistance to the pupulation in the area.

the paramedic staff is made up by three nurses, two lab technicians and one radiology technician. We have many voluntary nurses that queue up to help, as we have our Nursery School few meters from the hospital!

Hospital Managemt has moved from the two Agostinian Nuns to Madame Aurora Cayari. She keep us continuously updated about the situation and the continuous improvements that they are achieving. Hospitalized people grow, and Madame Aurora has started to visit the barrios around the hospital and to contat the village leaders.



Over the next period of time our plan is:

  1. Consolidation of the hospital services and promotion in the neighbor villages.
  2. Medical Missions with the new ambulance in the villages surrounding the hospital to reach sick and eldery people that cannot reach the hospital.
  3. Finalize all authorizations to be able to utilize our hospital to its full capability.
  4. Financial support to the hospital until it will be self-sufficient, that has a secondary benefit for the employment of the local medical and paramedical staff.

We will continue to collect funding during 2012 to make the hospital even more effective. We need your help!

New hospital inauguration

Exactly eighteen years after the inauguration of the first project realized by our association in the Philippines, the  Vittorino Carra Learning Center in Cogeo (inaugurated on January 4th 1992), on January 4th 2010 we have inaugurated in Manaoag (Philippines) the St. Camillus Maternity Center and Polyclinic - Vittorino Carra Building.


Opening this hospital in a very important event for the population of the area, that don't have at the moment any adequate structure to face the extremely high children death rate of those places.

The ceremony has been attended by the Archbishop Socrates Buenaventura Villegas, the Hon. Amado Espino - Governor of the Pangasinan Provence, the Major Napoleon Sales, the authorities of the area, Father Luigi Galvani - founder of the  Camillian Lay Association of the Philippines, all Manaoag members of the Camillian Lay Association, and, on behalf of our association, Riccardo, Marzia and Francesco Carra.


The Mass has been celebrated by the Archbishop Villegas, that after has blessed all the rooms of the new hospital.


Our representatives, together with the Governor and the Major, have cut the ribbon.


All the children of the schools part of the Camillian Center have participated the ceremony and have been performing dancing and singing.

The wonderful ceremony has been concluded with thanksgiving speeches to our association and a speech from Riccardo Carra, who went through the steps of our solidarity path that led us to complete this further, outstanding construction. Riccardo mentioned that this "miracle" has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.


The new hospital will start to operate already at the beginning of February, at the beginning limited to some functions as the selection of medical and paramedic personnel is still ongoing and the medical equipment installation is ongoing as well. Important to note, the x-ray equipment, extremely important for such an hospital, has already been installed.


Our association, besides financing the building, has collected medical equipment donated by some Italian hospitals: San Pio X (Milan), Negrar (Verona), Modena, Sassuolo and Pavullo. All those equipment, together with all the ceramic tiles donated by our supporter which have paved all the new hospital, have been already sent to Manaoag in six (!) containers. Further medical equipment have been bought in the Philippines and will be delivered over the next weeks. Nevertheless, to completely equip the hospital, important elements are still missing, like for example an ultrasound equipment and an ambulance. This is way we plan to continue to raise funds during 2010, to be able to make the hospital fully operational and efficient.


More pictures of the celebration are available in this site in the section Gallery then clicking "Ospedale di Manaoag - Filippine" then "Inaugurazione 4 Gennaio 2010".

We have also made a short video, actually split in two videos given the 10 minutes YouTube limitation. The links to the two videos are at the top of the left bar in this page.

Manaoag hospital Opening Day will be on Jan 4h 2010


The speed of building the hospital has been outstanding. The Opening Day will be on January 4th 2010, local authorities will attend and also the ArciBishop of Lingayen - Dagupan will be present and celebrate the Thanksgiving Mass. Some representatives of our association will be there (at their own expenses, as per the rules of our organization). In particular, Riccardo Carra will deliver a speech in representation of our association. Inauguration and programme leaflet.

As soon as the pictures and video of the ceremony will be available, they will be posted here. We'll also provide press release information to local newspapers and television channels.

A lot of material has been collected during these months. We got from the hospitals of Milan, Verona, Modena, Sassuolo and Pavullo plenty of medical equipment: 20 hospital beds, thermal craddles, incubators, gynaecological column, electrical scalpel, scialitic lamps, chirurgical tools, pneumonic ventilator, diaphanouscopes, intensive therapy beds, electrocardiographs, defibrillator, pneumonic fan and other medical equipments. Furthermore, we got from Atlas Concorde a lot ceramic tiles, with which we have been able to pave all floors and walls. Over the last two months we shipped to Manaoag six full containers. That was only possible thanks to the great support from one of our supporter, Leonardi Group, that managed very professionally the difficult tasks of moving, packing, consolidating, shipping and arranging for the proper documentation.

As said, the hospital will officially open on Jan 10th 2010, but to make the hospital fully operational we'll need to buy more equipment. For this reason we have decided to utilze all the funds that will be raised over the next year to finance those medical equipment.

We need your help to succesfully complete the project!

Manaoag Hospital - Development
From the Philippines our friends, the Camillian Missionaries, always keep us informed about the progress of the Vittorino Carra Maternity and Polyclinic building.

Father Luigi writes to us:

I am happy to tell you that I have been in Manoag. Building progresses well, the enclosed pictures show it.




Vittorino Carra Mother-Child Center and General Hospital in Manaoag (the Philippines)
The new project that we will be started includes the construction of a Mother-Child Center and General Hospital, and will be named after Vittorino Carra, in Manaoag City (the Philippines). The center will be placed next to “Vittorino Carra High School”, that provides youths between 11 and 14 years old with instruction, and the Nursing and Obstetrics School, supported by “Vittorino Carra Solidarietà - ONLUS” association.

A_Ver_2 Prospettiva

Our project has participated for the “Common Fund for the Financing of International Cooperation Projects for Development”, constituted by Modena Province, Modena Mutual Savings Bank Foundation, Modena Public Services Agency (ATO4), Hera S.p.a, Aimag S.p.a, Sat S.p.a, and Sorgea S.p.a. The ideas were very much appreciated, getting a considerably high score and coming third among 44 projects. This has confirmed the quality of our plan, which has been awarded €35,000 that will enable us to continue our work with even more confidence and enthusiasm.

The Center will offer obstetrics services, treatment for the newborn babies, and a general hospital will be donated. This hospital will have a tests laboratory, a pharmacy, an X-rays room, a doctor’s examining room, a delivery room, and a first aids room. The medical personnel will be trained in the adjacent Nursing School, achieving both the aim of offering medical assistance to the women presenting obstetric-gynecological conditions and to the young children. At the same time, the building will represent the “educational campus” for nursing students, establishing and essential learning support, developing the human and professional resources within the area.

The project will take place in the outskirts of Manaoag in the Philippines, in a small village of approximately 80,000 inhabitants in Pangasinan region, on Luzon island, about 150 km from Manila. Around 80% of the population works in the agricultural sector: peasants, rice and sugar cane farmers. Being it a tropical area, it is stricken between 15 and 20 times a year by typhoons that destroy the crops and make the already difficult situation even worse.

The Philippines have the highest mother and child death rates within the Asian continent. Most of the diseases that affect the population are infectious and could be easily prevented by means of a suitable medical prevention program. However, the national medical system has been having serious challenges due to the spreading poverty in the region, the scarce public expenses in the sanitary area, and the increasing phenomenon of medical and paramedical professionals emigrating to Western countries.

Manaog is in one of the most densely populated regions of the Philippines. The area that will benefit from the project includes Manaoag village and other seven surrounding urban centers: Pozzurubio, Sison, Laoac, Urdaneta, Mapandan, San Jacinto, Mangaldan, summing up 436,034 inhabitants (2007 census) that now count on barely three state medical centers of which only two have merely 10 beds each. Thus, many people that become ill do not have the possibility of being seen by a doctor and receiving an adequate treatment.


The scarcity of medical centers capable of offering medical assistance to a population characterized by a high fertility rate – which, according to the WHO, is around 2,3% - is the main cause of the spreading, among poor families, of the delivering practice at home, with inevitable consequenses on both the mothers’s and the baby’s health. The absence of consulting rooms for family planning contributes to having a high birth rate.

The Camillian missionaries, supported also by “Vittorino Carra Solidarietà - ONLUS” are presented in Manaoag with a Mission that consists in:

  • Nutritional Center (80 children, 1800 meals a month),
  • Elementary School (150 students, 6 classrooms, 10 teachers),
  • Vittorino Carra High School (60 students),
  • Nursing and Obstetrics School (3 floors, 20 classrooms, 300 students).

The objectives of the missions are giving the youths from Manaoag the possibility of having a profession that shall make them productive for themselves and their country, and creating medical professions of great usefulness: nursing and obstetrics.


The Mother-Child Center and General Hospital will be built on a 2,7 hectares plot donated by the “Lay Camillian Foundation”, an institution formed by secular volunteers that collaborate with the Camillian Missions by organising the social-medical and educative activities in the Philippines mission and mainly at St. Camillius Center in Manaoag.

The project counts on the construction of a two-storey building of around 1,000 m2, having on the ground floor: a pre-natal room, a delivery room, five confinement rooms with toilets, a tests laboratory,  an X-rays room, a pharmacy, and two consulting rooms. The upper floor will have administrative offices, a small conference room, a storage room, and some rooms for the medical and paramedical personnel on duty.

On 18th May, 2008 the laying of the first stone was celebrated,  with the participation of Riccardo Carra – representing Vittorino Carra Solidarietà – ONLUS -, Father Luigi Galvani, and representatives of the Camillian laymen in the Philippines.

Posa della Prima Pietra

The first stone was laid on the plot where the building will be placed, a bearing capsule, a document that reflects the commitment of the people involved in the realization of the work.

Pergamena d'impegno

Along with the capsule, a little statue of Manaoag Virgin – Protectress of the region –, a brush – that, according to the local culture augurs the solving of problems -, and some coins that show the prosperity of the work have been placed.



Father Luigi read words of good wishes and hope, and Riccardo Carra and Prof. Mendoza made speeches of commitment and reciprocal acknowledgement.


The works started in August 2008, and each day 40 labourers work busily to build the structure, that is scheduled to be finished by 2009.

Centro Materno Infantile Avanzamento lavori 03

Video: Laying of the first stone. Part 1 - Part 2

Video: Report on Raitre



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