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Adopting a Village
18-01“Adopting a Village” is a Distance Support project in action since 2006 that has changed the lives of many children from the Hill Tribes of Thailand.

Many of these tribes are not Thai, but come from China, Burma, and Laos. Most of these people have never been included in a census, or registered in any way, and thus are civilly “nonexistent”, even if they were born and raised in Thailand.

Vittorino Carra High School in Manaoag
15-01The fact that it is a need for us to give Filipino young people dignity and a future through education has been the inspiring principle that led us towards a new initiative.

In Manaoag (Northern Philippines), the Camillians have built a nutritional center, an elementary school, and a high school for children up to 14 years old. Under Father Luigi’s suggestion, we have financed the high school, convinced of the well-known saying “we can’t keep giving them the fish, we must teach them how to fish.”

Chiangrai Elementary School

DSCF0009We have financially supported Chiangrai “Camillian Social Centre” Elementary School in Thailand, where hundreds of children from the tribes of North Thailand are housed, fed, and educated.

"The Garden of Eden" in Thailand

12-01Unfortunately, AIDS is a scourge in Thailand. Many children are orphaned and often show the early symptoms of the disease. An unexpected meeting put Wanda in contact with Father Renato Attrezzi, a Camillian that works in Thailand, in Rayong province. The missionary is working on a project: the building of some cabins that will be managed as family houses and will accommodate orphaned and ill children that are, most often, already infected with AIDS. The center will be called “The Garden of Eden”. Also this time, the missionary does not ask for anything, but simply retells, with great humility, his own personal experiences, with words that reflect pain and joy, frustration and trust.


Distance Adoption
10-01Since 1992, we have been using, as a further way of support for the children of the Philippines, the program called "Distance Adoption". Thanks to this initiative, children have been able to grow, study, and get a job.

Once a month, children among the most needed, go to the missionary’s to get their monthly share, that at times is enough to support the whole family.

Sewing School in Burkina Faso
17-03In December 2006, the project of a sewing school was carried out in St. Camillius Parish in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), that has more than 45,000 faithful.

In this village, hundreds of families live under conditions of extreme poverty and survive on the basis of pedlar’s handicraft activities, manual labors, and domestic jobs. The hygienic services are almost inexistent and the access to drinking water is restricted to artisian wells that are not enough to meet the population’s needs.

Medical Mission Minibus
14-01During a visit to Kenya, Vittorino and Wanda accompanied a doctor and a nurse in their medical examination rounds. They went along unpaved roads surrounded by thick woods and they eventually arrived in a clearing encircled by huts, where a group of mothers carrying their babies were eagerly waiting for them. They wore festive multicolor clothes and smiling faces. In their hands they held a plastic bag they kept thoroughly : it contained the list of vaccines, the diagnoses, and the treatments provided to the child.
Chiangrai and Khokwat Wells

13-01It was through Father Luigi that we received two requests regarding the water problem, always an issue in the regions of Thailand where the Camillian missionaries work, especially during drought periods. The first request came from Khokwat leprosary, the second one came from Chaingrai, where Fratel Gianni leads a center that houses many children. Being problems of considerable emergency, both requests were immediately taken care of.

Samar Hospital
11-01In May 1994 an unexpected gift arrives: a plot of land donated to the foundation in the Phillipine city of Calbayog, on Samar Island. It was, however, a gift that came along with a request: the donators pleaded for the construction of a small hospital. After the first impact, the enthusiasm enthralled by the Camillians and their trust in Providence (and in the Association, Its intstrument) gives them the necessary impulse to start the undertaking.

Cabayog’s population is around 200,000 inhabitants, and in 1994 only relied on only one governmental ill-equipped hospital with merely 70 beds.

"Vittorino Carra Learning Center" in Cogeo (Manila)

00_CopertinaIn 1986, Vittorino and Wanda Carra, Gilda e Raffaele d’Ari visited Manila along with Father Rizzo and Father Bebber – both Camillians – and saw the place where the Camillian missionaries led, with few resources, a small nutritional center. Back in Italy, a collection was made among friend, and the first raised funds are paid into a current account and periodically sent to the Camillian Fathers.


100% Effectiveness

The funds collected are ALL used for works made by the Association. Vittorino Carra Solidarietà is organized so as not to produce any kind of management costs.

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Your Names

(To all benefactors)

We had written
your names
on the walls of our house.
But the coming rain
and the passing time
erased them.

And then,
we wrote them
on flower petals,
but the sun made them fade
and the evening wind
took them far away.

And so then,
we wrote them
in our hearts...
And neither the sun,
nor the wind,
nor the passing time
will ever erase them